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Guiding The Story From Within.

There are many of you out there who would like to write an e-book, but you have no idea where to begin. Our E-book Guidance will inspire, and guide you along your path to E-book success.

There is a story that dwells within each of you that is just waiting to be written into an e-book. The hardest part about the process is for you to begin writing your story, and release the thoughts and ideas from within you, and express them in a more tangible format. The first step, beginning, is indeed always the hardest.

You may believe that you cannot possibly write an eBook, or that writing is not something that you are proficient at, but just like anything in life it is always difficult in the beginning. Just like riding a bike, you are going to make mistakes, and want to quit as it seems like a difficult task to accomplish, but if you don’t give up, and keep trying, it will become easy, and second nature to you.

There is a voice inside of your head that only you can hear. If you are thinking right now, ‘What voice, I don’t hear any voice?” That is the voice that I am referring to. It is the voice of your thoughts, and it is speaking to you constantly. This voiced can be controlled, and even silenced for a moment through meditation, but it is always there. This voice will help write your book for you if you are still, and listen to the words, ideas, and guidance that are created from within you.

Don’t force this creativity, allow the ideas to flow freely from within. Your body will be the conduit to express these ideas as you write them down, or type them out. Go ahead be still, listen to your inner thoughts, externalize them and with a little guidance you will write your story for the world to enjoy.

Your focus is everything. What you chose to concentrate, and focus your attention on the most is what you will move yourself closer to. If you spend the majority of your time thinking of excuses for why it cannot be done, your negativity will prevent you from even trying. This is true about anything in life.

Your inner voice is often negative, and complacent. It is human nature for people to have more negative thoughts than positive ones, but you must ignore these ideas, and focus on what you want to accomplish. You must believe that you are capable of writing a book that many people will enjoy reading. Choose to focus your attention on your end goal of creating your e-book masterpiece.

Trust our ebook guidance as well as your own guidance, and e-book mastery will be yours.

Ebook Guidance

Many of the greatest minds in history have used a technique to help them awaken their creative mind by entering into a hypnagogic state before creating some of their greatest accomplishments in life. Those who knew the power of the hypnagogic state include, Edgar Allen Poe, Salvador Dali, and Albert Einstein.

The technique used by both Salvador Dali, and Einstein to enter into the hypnagogic state is known as, “Slumber with a key”. They would take a short nap while holding a key between their fingers, and as they fell asleep the key would fall from between their fingers waking them up again.

Their minds would then be full of creative juices immediately upon waking, and they would go to work on creating what would become their greatest, and most well-known life accomplishments. Entering into the hypnagogic state before embracing new ideas and talents have worked for many in the past, and will be successful for you as well. Learn more about the hypnagogic state here. Hypnagogic Writing

What should I write about?

This is a question that many people ask themselves as they contemplate the topic that they will start writing about. Our guidance, and suggestion for a first ebook is to write a fictional story, one that has been playing inside of your head.

Everybody has a special story inside of their head that they have been creating for a long time whenever they are alone with their thoughts. Sometimes it takes place without any conscious effort of your own, and you are merely an observer watching the story unfold before you.

During those times that ideas are freely flowing into your mind, it would be a good idea to write those thoughts down, or they may become lost inside your head, like trying to remember a dream from the night before.

If fiction is more of your forte, than creating a fantasy inside of your head before sitting in front of your computer while your fingers dance across the keyboard as if they had a mind of their own composing a written version of your fantasy may be more ideal for you.

You like most people have been creating a fantasy story inside of your head, mostly we do this to relieve boredom. We do this to separate ourselves from the current temporary reality we find ourselves in, such as a long bus, or train ride we take often enough for it to become monotonous.

For some it starts with thinking about something that happened to us in our lives, and creating a different outcome of the situation in our mind. We think if we had done things differently, and made different decisions our situation would have turned out far better. These thoughts tend to expand over time into us creating a fantasy in our minds of the new reality that we would find ourselves in based on these different decisions.

For others who are more creative, our thoughts go straight into a surreal fantasy in our mind as if we were creating our own motion picture in our heads. If may start off based on a movie we have seen, and we take the story on a completely different tangent than the one depicted in the movie.

Then there are those who create their own completely unique story in their head. They become so hyper focused on the story that they are creating in their head, they become oblivious to everything else around them.

The outside world is blocked out as they become totally engrossed within their own thoughts. If this describes you, and you can pull back from your hyper focused state just a little bit, it is a great mindset to start writing from.

The best ideas come from within your active mind. Let these ideas guide your story, and create your ebook.

If non-fiction is more your thing, than begin by writing about your passions. There is something that you are passionate about, and more knowledgeable about than the average person. You have had life experiences worth sharing with others. You have something to share that can benefit others, so share your knowledge with your readers for your first book.

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If you are an international traveler for instance, and take a trip to Bangkok every year, you will know the city like the back of your hand. You will have your favorite hotels, and restaurants that you frequent, and know the best way to get there. You will know all of the best things to see and do there to enjoy a fantastic holiday experience seeing all the best sights, as well as some of the little known ones that you won’t find in the guide books.

You will be aware of all of the fascinating culture and customs there to take part in, and know which areas of the city are unsafe, and should be avoided. Your friends may have heard your stories dozens of times, but somebody who is planning their first trip to Bangkok would be interested in reading what you have to say about it. Writing an ebook about your experiences will offer valuable guidance to your readers.

How do you start writing your book?

Baby steps… Set small goals for yourself that you can accomplish without much effort. If you try to accomplish too much from the start, you will become overwhelmed, and give up too soon. Incidentally, that is what stops many people from living their dreams, giving up too soon.

Tell yourself that you will write just a couple of pages today of your book, a productive but obtainable goal. You will then become proud of yourself, and set bigger goals in the following weeks.

Find a quiet place to sit, and relax. Take a few deep breaths, and relax as you begin to write out your thoughts. If you find it helpful to enter into a hypnagogic state, than begin by doing that. Be careful not to fall asleep as you attempt to enter into this state. This is not an opportunity for a nap, on the contrary, it is time to awaken your inner creativity.

Put yourself into the right mindset to create your story. Tell yourself, “I am an author working on my book.” Identify yourself as an author, not just as someone typing random words into a word processor on a computer.

You are an author now. You may be unpublished as of yet, but you are nonetheless an author working on writing your book. After you upload your e-book to Amazon, or whichever platform you prefer, you will officially be a published author. Enjoy your moment, then get started on creating your next great masterpiece to educate, inspire, or entertain your readers.

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We hope our e-book guidance will inspire the writer within you. Enjoy the journey.

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